Solar control glazing

It is possible to combine thermal insulation and solar control.

The solar control function – providing protection against excessive heat from the sun – is obtained by using special performance glass / glass with a coating that reduces the solar factor. KRISTAL THERMO products in the SUN & SOLAR range are recommended for buildings with high sun exposure and high risk of overheating, i.e. seaside areas and climates with many sunny days.

In the past, the solar factor was reduced with body-tinted glass (Planibel Coloured) or solar reflective tinted glass (SunGuard and Stopsol) but today’s awareness and trend of using natural sunlight requires glazing that provides optimal rates of solar and heat transmission tailored to the needs of both family homes and commercial buildings, in accordance with the climate and orientation of the building.

So, in addition to tinted glass in various colours, there is fully transparent glazing that reflects solar radiation while letting much of the natural light in.

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