Structural facade

strukturalneStructural facades, as opposed to semi-structural and classical facades, are facade systems where the supporting aluminium frame is not visible. Structural facades are constructed by bonding glass panels to aluminium profiles. This results in a facade without visible aluminium profiles.

In structural facade systems, glass panels dominate the appearance of the facade and the aluminium supporting structure is hidden behind the glass. In structured facades the windows can be opened only along the top horizontal axis and outwards (away from the building).
The external appearance of openings, fixed and parapet facade elements is the same.

Characteristic detail


Glazing: structural insulated glazing. (For interior applications we recommend the use of heat-strengthened (TVG) glass or laminated (VSG) glass).
Please note: 33.1 (3 mm glass / PBV foil / 3 mm glass) is NOT recommended!

For exterior applications we recommend tempered (ESG) glass. For installations at heights exceeding 4 m, safety standards require a compulsory heat soak test (ESG-H).

Bonding is performed by a glazing company licensed for structural bonding of glass.

klasicni detalji

ASA Auto, Sarajevo (BiH)                                                                                                                     Raiffeisen Bank, Sarajevo (BiH)

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Hotel Mostar, Mostar (BiH)                                                                                                    Atlant Centar, Dubrovnik (Hrvatska)

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