Glass furniture


We offer a variety of tables, mirrors, showcases, shelves and glass front panels for drawers, countertops, etc. Every piece of glass furniture is made upon order. Kristal also offers professional advice concerning choice of glass, safety and quality. We have a wide assortment of glass, from transparent, matte (satin) finish, to dyed glass. Glass furniture can also be made of safety glass which offers greater hardness, and resistance to impact, bending and temperature. We offer the following types of safety glass:

a) tempered glass, processed under high temperatures to ensure bursting into harmless pieces if broken. Tempered glass is five times stronger and more resistant than raw glass.

b) laminated glass made of two or more layers of glass of same or different thickness, with sheet(s) of safety foil between them. The purpose of the foil is to keep pieces together in case the glass is broken, and prevent injury.