Glass tiles


Traditional tiling is famous for the issue of dirty joints when it is difficult to remove dirt, grease, or mold and fungae nobody wants in their kitchen.

The trend of replacing tiles with glass is becoming popular in our region as well. Glass is easier to maintain, more resistant to dirt buildup, and there are no joints that are difficult to clean.

Glass is easy to install and takes no time, it is simple to keep it clean which is the most important feature. On average, the price of glass and installation is somewhat higher than that of traditional tiles, but if we compare the price of glass with the price of high quality designer tiles, there is no difference, and the simplicity of maintenance and money saved on cleaning products makes it worth the investment.

The most preferred glass for these purposes is 6 mm tempered glass. Glass is tempered and enamelled (dyed) to the desired colour, but we can also apply different decorations on the glass.

We also offer Clear Vision tempered and enamelled glass.It is a glass of exceptional pureness and transparency, unlike float glass which has slightly green hue. Therefore, Clear Vision gives better visual quality and desired colour. Tempered glass is recommended for all purposes since it is resistant to high temperatures and five times stronger than the plain (raw) glass. The glass can be pre-cut to accomodate power outlets, holders, kitchen sinks, etc. There is no expiration date.

In addition to be used instead of tiles, glass can be fitted in aluminium frames or glued onto refined chipboard and be used for cabinet doors. Glass installed in aluminium frame or glued on cabined doors is usually tempered and enamelled or lacobel glass.

Glass on the wall can also be featured in rooms other than kitchen.