Custom-made shower stalls

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Kristal custom-made shower stalls are the best solution for any space. Shower stalls can be designed to fit the dimensions of your bathroom to make the room feel airy and bright. Kristal presents different systems, models, design, and characteristics of shower stalls made according to specific requirements of your bathroom. Thanks to years of experience in production and processing of glass and glass products, Kristal products are of high quality. Teams of experienced experts in this field can easily respond to any of your needs and find the best solution to meet your requirements and needs. Shower stalls can be installed on top of the tub or directly onto ceramic tiles. Design of the shower space depends on its location and purpose.

General characteristics of shower stalls
Shower stall glass is safety tempered glass with thickness ranging from 8 to 10 mm. Tempered glass is five times stronger than the regular glass, and is therefore used in shower stalls. Glass can be coloured, decorated with ornaments, or transparent. The glass can also be sanded - on the entire surface or stencilled. For the purpose of easier cleaning on the inside of the stall, Kristal offers specialised glass for shower stalls Showerguard and Cristalguard, with protective coating.

Types of glass usually used in shower stalls
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Transparent glass:

Glass in colour/matted/decorated with ornaments:



Framing for shower stalls is made of high quality brass and chrome plated to ensure longevity. Guarantee for framing depends on the model and the manufacturer, and usually refers to the number of opening of doors which is between 50,000 and 500,000 with proper and regular maintenance, while respecting general guidelines for maintaining shower stalls. Silicone rubbers (different types) are used for sealing. Depending on how the stall is opened, we distinguish fixed shower stalls (fixed shower panels) and opening shower stalls with swinging or sliding doors.

Swinging doors
• there is a possibility to swing both to the inside and to the outside
• guaranteed 100,000+ openings and closings
• wide selection of models, and shapes of hinges and handles
• maximum dimensions of doors 1000 x 2000 mm or 45 kg
• minimum recommended width of a single door is 550 mm
• all framing is highly reflective finish (chrome plated)
• sealing ensured by silicone rubber

Sliding door
• sliding to a side from one fixed section
• framing and rails for sliding can be circular or squared
• framing is highly reflective
• for double door, minimum width per single door is 420 mm
• sealing ensured by silicone rubber

Fixed shower dividing panels are usually used in small spaces or where there is no need for doors. They are known for their modern design and simplicity.