Glass walls and doors


Glass walls can be used to divide space without creating visual barrier that makes the room look smaller. They create a feeling of open, airy space, giving the room an elegant touch. Glass walls are becoming quite popular in modern architecture of residential and office spaces because of its translucency and noise-eliminating quality. They can be made of safety glass (tempered or laminated), transparent or in colour. Kristal also offers glass walls made of laminated glass with special noise insulation for clients aiming at a certain level of decibels and privacy.

Glass doors can be rotating, sliding, automatic or manual. Manual doors may be installed in wooden or aluminium frames, but also without the frame, with hinges attached directly to the wall, floor or the ceiling. 

Glass is tampered and available in different types and finishes (transparent, matte, coloured). We also offer quality hardware and automatic closure mechanisms from world famous manufacturers.