Glass facades



Glass facades are a part of modern architecture. In addition to aesthetic requirements, glass facades must also be functional and energy efficient with maximum light transparency (LT) and minimum heat energy loss (low Ug value), while requirements differ with regard to transfer of solar energy (g-value). In residential buildings, use of passive solar energy contributes to energy savings for heating purposes. In commercial and industrial buildings usually covered in extensive glass surfaces solar energy results in overheating of the interior, unless appropriate glazing is used. To be energy efficient, insulated glazing most frequently used in contemporary facade systems must have the following characteristics:

  • High light transparency (LT)
  • Low solar energy transfer (g)
  • Low heat loss (Ug)

Effective heat insulation reduces heating and cooling costs and offers an added advantage – reduction of CO2 emissions. Modern facade glass also represents an important factor in sound insulation and represents a major consideration when selecting the right type of glass.
Renowned global manufacturers have addressed climate change and necessary energy savings by harnessing natural energy and developing high performance glass with selective properties that ensure the right ratio of light and solar energy.
New types of glass can let in substantial amounts of daylight, while preventing the transfer of solar heat to the interior. The objective is to achieve the right balance between solar heat retention and reflection.
The requirements for facade design are therefore multiple and keep becoming more complex. Energy preservation standards are becoming stricter and greatly affect further development. Developing a sustainable system and components that will match all modern building design requirements, while at the same time providing economical construction of the external facade layer, is a great challenge.


Appearance and functionality of glass facades attracts an ever increasing number of customers and the simple and fast installation is an additional advantage. This latest trend in construction of commercial buildings results in a harmony of materials that will give your building a special appearance. Also, large glazed surfaces are a source of natural light and an excellent choice for many different types of buildings.

Selecting the right glass is one of the main requirements in glass facade design. It depends on many factors: position of the building, heat and sound insulation, solar protection, required amount of light, safety concerns, etc.