Superior quality, eco-friendly 
Mirox New Generation Ecological (MNGE)

Revolutionary mirrors that meet the highest standards of quality. Eco-friendly because manufacturing process is copper and led free.

Mirrors are available in transparent, bronze, gray, blue, and green variety.
We manufacture transparent and coloured mirrors (light, bronze, blue, gray, green) as well as mirrors for various purposes, both decorative and functional, such as mirrors with built-in lights, laminated mirrors (reflective on both sides ) and safety mirrors (with safety foil).

All our mirrors are ecological, new generation mirrors produced in eco-friendly manner, with improved corrosion resistance.

Differences when compared to traditional products:

- Copper as protective coat is not in use
- The surface is covered with lacquer
- 90% of ammonia is eliminated during manufacturing

 Similar to our other products, they can be customised with finish, size, and framing that suit your preference.